▶️ Free online COVID tests find a difficult time making it to some areas


On Tuesday, the Biden administration launched its website to provide free at-home COVID tests to Americans.

Visit COVIDtest.gov, fill out some information and in one to two weeks they should show up in your mailbox.

Sounds easy, but for some people, it’s turning out not to be the case.

“Surprised more than frustrated,” said Sunriver resident Mary Marson about ordering tests online.

Marson tried ordering the free at-home tests to have them shipped to the only place she and her neighbors get mail.

“At a sub-contracted post office here, and It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to get it there,” said Marson.

The initial program will only allow four free tests per residential address.

You cannot order additional tests for large and/or multigenerational households.

You also cannot have them shipped to a business or post office.

Marson says she reached out to Oregon senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, and the postal service.

“I got through all of the process right up to the point where they said ‘let us get back to you,’ and they got back and said ‘sorry, that cannot be delivered to that address,’” Marson said.

No tests shipped to Sunriver for Marson, and she says the need is there.

“We are a resort community, a lot of visitors come visit from other states and other places around Oregon, so we are consistently meeting people that are not from around here,” she added.

Right now, she’s out of options.


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