Former RPD detective accused of sexting, having sexual encounters with drug informant

A former Redmond Police detective has been charged with first-degree official misconduct for allegedly sexting and having sexual encounters with a drug investigation informant.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel announced the charges against Cory Buckley, saying he “preyed” on a vulnerable woman helping authorities.

“Yesterday, I spoke with the victim and told her she is a hero. In the darkest moment of her life, while battling an addiction to drugs, and being involved in the criminal justice system, she was preyed on by a police officer who held her fate in his hands,” Hummel said. “She reported what Buckley did, so that he wouldn’t do it to anyone else.  On behalf of everyone in Deschutes County, I thank her.”

According to Hummel, Buckley, while assigned to the Central Oregon Drug Enforcement (CODE) team in 2017, used his work phone to sext with the woman who was providing information to CODE detectives about illegal drug activity in Deschutes County.

Hummel said the charges also allege Buckley used his work vehicle, while on duty, to meet with the woman for sexual encounters.

“This crime was solved due to the bravery of the victim, who, during an unrelated conversation with Bend Police Lieutenant Adam Juhnke, shared information about how she had been treated by Buckley,” Hummel said. “After being so informed, Lieutenant Juhnke immediately began an investigation.”

Following Hummel’s announcement, the Redmond Police Department issued a statement saying public record laws typically restrict what information can be released on personnel matters.

“However, in light of the criminal charge announced today by the DA and the current national conversation surrounding policing, the City and Police Department believe the public interest is best served by the disclosure of such matters relating to former RPD Officer Buckley,” Capt. Devin Lewis said.

Lewis said Buckley “served as a Redmond Police Officer from 2014 until January 23, 2020, when he resigned in lieu of termination while under an Internal Affairs investigation unrelated to the case brought forward by Bend PD or the charges brought forward by the District Attorney’s Office.”

Lewis said the internal affairs investigation was related to Buckley’s improper contact with a community member through a department-issued cell phone that started in April 2019 and continued through October.

Details of this investigation were forwarded to the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office and Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) for review, Lewis said.

“We want to reassure residents of Redmond that the Redmond PD takes allegations of unprofessional police conduct seriously and endeavor to serve the citizens of Redmond with our adopted values of professionalism, teamwork and excellence,” Lewis said.

Hummel praised Lt. Juhnke for his role in the investigation.

“Lieutenant Juhnke stood for everything that is good about law enforcement.  When he heard about what Buckley did, he didn’t pause to consider his loyalty to a fellow officer – he remembered the oath he took to protect and serve our community,” Hummel said. “We are safer because Lieutenant Juhnke stood up and did the right thing; I’m proud of him.”


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