Former Redmond Police sergeant files $5M whistleblower claim


A former Redmond Police sergeant has filed a $5 million whistleblower complaint against the city, police chief and other superior officers.

Sgt. Ryan Fraker, a 19-year-veteran of the department, alleges he was fired in February 2020 after making a number of complaints against supervisors.

In the suit filed Friday, Fraker names Redmond Police Chief Dave Tarbet along with several sergeants and lieutenants as defendants.

The suit stems from Fraker’s alleged treatment within the department following a 2018 incident at a firing range where they were shooting with members of the Bend Police Department.

“Around the end of August or the beginning of September of 2018, Plaintiff was practicing at a firing range along with various members of Bend Police including Sergeant R.C. Bigelow.

“Bigelow was a member of SWAT and on information and belief,, was friends with Lt. Petersen,” the suit said. “Abruptly and without warning Bigelow began screaming at Plaintiff from some distance away, began throwing his tactical gear around the inside of his truck to the point gear was falling out onto the ground, and generally was acting in an unprofessional manner, including a series of angry outbursts.”

“Plaintiff immediately left the range and reported this conduct to Bigelow’s supervisor in Bend, and Bigelow was investigated and disciplined by his department. Shortly after Plaintiff made this report, he was confronted by Lt. Petersen who chastised Plaintiff and warned him not to interfere with his friends on SWAT again,” the suit reads.

Fraker says he was subjected to a number of retaliatory tactics, accused of dishonesty, and eventually fired.

You can read the full complaint below.

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