Former inmate to sue Crook County Sheriff’s Office


A former Crook County Jail inmate intends to sue the sheriff’s office saying he was not provided necessary medication.

It’s one of several recent allegations that jail staff withholds medical care from some inmates.

Crook County Sheriff John Gautney took to social media, today to respond to claims made over the past several days on various platforms.

In a letter to “the citizens of Crook County,” he says every inmate is asked if they have medical issues and then are monitored by a nurse, if their condition warrants.

Sheriff Gautney says statements made on social media are exaggerations and, he says, in some cases, “totally false.”

The jail houses between 40 and 60 inmates at any given time and Gautney said there are just three known complaints.

He tells Central Oregon Daily he was not aware of the lawsuit when he released his letter, and is not able to comment on pending litigation.

We are following this developing story and will have more tomorrow.



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