▶️ Former inmate speaks out ahead of suit against Crook Co. Sheriff’s Office


Aaron Smock says he recently completed a 5-week sentence in Crook County Jail for a traffic violation.

Smock alleges that while he was in the jail he was never seen by a doctor and prescription medications to control the pain of a back injury were denied to him.

And he’s filed notice that he will sue for mistreatment while he was serving his sentence.

“I’m suing for denial of medication; non-narcotic medication that the jail first gave me and then suddenly and abruptly discontinued with no reason. I have not been allowed to see a doctor for the approximately 5 weeks I was there,” Smock said.

Smock told Central Oregon Daily he currently does not have an attorney.

In a letter posted to to the Crook County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Sheriff John Gautney references an inmate who ”attempted to get the medical staff to give him medication for an illness he did not actually have.”

Guatney describes an inmate that is potentially looking at substantial prison time for the third time, and “he is trying whatever method possible to not go back to prison.”

Whether Gautney is describing Aaron Smock is unclear.

Gautney describes a series of social media posts regarding inmates in the jail not receiving proper medical care as “simply nothing more than an outright false statement.”

But that isn’t stopping critics.

Marilynn Smock says she delivered doctor prescribed medications to her son while he was in the Crook County jail.

“They said if I brought it in, they would give it to him,” she said. “When I took it in, the nurse signed for it. And he never got it. They never gave it to him.”

According to state jail standards, jails are required  to provide “adequate care for medical, dental and mental health. What constitutes adequate health care is determined by the local medical director.

In his letter to the community, Sheriff Gautney wrote:

“Inmates however, do not get to dictate what medication they receive.  Their medication is based on their medical records and on the doctor’s orders.”

Sheriff Gautney’s full letter is below:





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