Former deputy DA confirms she was asked to keep quiet to benefit state rep. candidate


A former Deschutes County prosecutor has found herself as a political talking point between Rep. Cheri Helt and her opponent for State Rep. District 54, Jason Kropf.

“Over the last 48 hours, my opponent has had to return campaign funds for trying to silence someone,” Helt said Wednesday night during the live televised debate on Central Oregon Daily News.

That someone was Jasmyn Troncoso.

Troncoso, a former Deschutes County deputy district attorney, has made claims she was harassed for being a Hispanic woman while working in the DA’s office.

Helt has criticized her opponent – who worked in the DA’s office at the same time – for not standing up for Troncoso.

Kropf said when he became aware someone who had donated to his campaign had made contact with Troncoso, he immediately took action.

“When I learned one of my supporters even suggested that Miss Troncoso be quiet about the campaign publicity that was going on because of Representative Helt’s ads I immediately made a statement and I immediately returned the contribution from that organization,” Kropf said.

Central Oregon Daily’s Matt McDonald talked to Troncoso herself to find out if she was really asked to keep quiet.

She provided us with an email sent to her attorney reading in part:

“Obviously, the Kropf campaign would love for your client to publicly ask Helt to stop politicizing the traumatic event your client went through. My personal sense is that what is best for your client might be complete silence.”

The email came from someone at the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association political action committee.

Kropf did return the money he got from them.

A screenshot from the email is below:



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