▶️ Former barbershop manager sentenced in embezzlement case; employees feel betrayed


Elisa Morgan knew Samantha Berroth for years before Berroth became the manager of Bend’s Bishop’s Cuts and Color in 2013.

“We went to the same beauty school and I worked with her at another salon and came here and found out she was managing,” Morgan said. 

Which made the news that Berroth had stolen more than $23,000 dollars from the business in December of 2017 all the more surprising.

“It was right before our employee party and we found out that she had been fired and that was why – she had been stealing money,” Morgan said. “We were all pretty shocked, to say the least.”

Berroth was convicted of first-degree theft this month and sentenced Monday to two years probation and five days in jail. She also must repay $25,000 to Bishops – $100 a month.

“I feel sort of bad for her, but at the same time probably should have thought of that before you started ripping off the business that’s paying you,” Morgan said. 

The legal process is finished for Berroth, some of her former employees say they’re not quite satisfied with how justice was served.

“People have gotten far more for far less.”

A former employee who wished not to be identified worked as a receptionist for the business for two years while Berroth was the manager and says the embezzling directly impacted her income.

 “I definitely feel like I had to leave directly because of this situation,” she said. 

“You sort of feel like she didn’t care about anybody that worked here and we could have all lost our jobs,” Morgan said. “We all have kids. Most of us that were working at the time are single moms and we could have all lost our jobs.”

The owners of Bishops have said the incident nearly forced them to close the business.

While Morgan doesn’t bear any ill will towards Berroth, she won’t be seeking out her company any time soon.

“I just don’t want her to be any part of my life because who are you? I don’t even know who you are now.”


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