▶️ Food cart lots, restaurants gear up to host outdoor Super Bowl parties



Super Bowl commercials, the halftime show and, of course, the game itself at your go-to drinking spot will have to be out in the elements this year.

Food cart lots and restaurants are gearing up for the unique experience of hosting the Super Bowl outside.

“We’re going to have this TV out,” said Jessica Swartz, owner of food cart lot River’s Place. “There is another one over there.”

“We will have our heaters in the tent going for everyone and our fire pits and fire tables,” said Cassidy Cushing, General Manager of the food cart lot Midtown Yacht Club.

“We’re going to roll out our new outdoor bar,” said Matthew Janus, Manager of Cabin 22.

They expect to be as packed as the COVID-19 rules allow.

“I think there will be a nice turnout for people that don’t want to do a house party, want the fresh air,” Swartz said.

“Are people going to have indoor parties at their own house,” asked Cushing. “Are they going to come out and social distance?”

“I know a lot of people like house parties, but I expect a lot of people to come down here,” Janus said.

Health officials advise not to have multi-household indoor gatherings for this year’s Super Bowl party.

River’s Place, Cabin 22, and Midtown Yacht Club says they are working hard to keep everyone safe.

“Don’t move the tables around,” Swartz said. “We have them set just as, to maintain that distancing.”

“Make sure your party is under six people and if it is more, just make sure you go to different spots for each group that you are bringing in,” Cushing said.

We put out enough chairs for our capacity, so don’t come in and grab any more chairs,” added Janus.


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