▶️ Florida bill would ban letting dogs stick head out car windows


A proposed Florida bill, intended to protect animals, would change how you’re allowed to transport your dog. It would make it illegal to let a dog have any part of their bodies outside the car, including sticking their heads out of car windows.

“I’m for them enjoying the car rides more, so I’m against that,” said dog sitter Harlow Thompson.

Senate Bill 9-32 covers many animal welfare topics, but a key aspect for Florida dog owners includes new restrictions on car transportation.

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It would also forbid drivers from having dogs sit in their laps while behind the wheel.

“I could agree with the lap situation because it could cause people problems with driving,” said dog owner Jessica Hammers.

If you are transporting your dog, you would have to have it secured in a crate that fits the size of the dog, use a pet seat belt or someone other than the driver must be in control of the dog.

And those transporting a dog in the open bed of a pickup truck must also use a crate.

If not followed, dog owners or drivers would be open to potential moving violation citations, though the charges would not count as criminal traffic violations.


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