First winter storm systems heading for Central Oregon


Unprepared drivers may face challenges through next week as a mix of winter storms are forecast for the northern US97 corridor and Cascade mountain passes.

Conditions may cause delays so drivers should remain flexible.

The Weather Service is predicting that the Bend area may receive as much as 4 inches of snow over the weekend and before the commute on Monday morning.

Since this is the first major winter storm of the season drivers should check their travel kits and make sure their vehicle is ready for winter driving, including:

• Chains, and know how to install them
• Tires have good tread
• Wipes are clean and in good condition
• Heater and defroster.
Items for travel:
• Coats, hats, blankets
• No less than a half tank of gas
• Cell phone and charger
• Water and snacks
• Medications

Drivers should not drive over their abilities. The wisest decision may be to wait until conditions improve.

Stay on the main roads, don’t overly rely on GPS to take a back road, inform family or friends of your travel timeline and know your vehicle’s limitations.


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