First Responders Head to Heat Related Incidents

In the peak of summer Bend Fire and Rescue responds to far more than just calls to battle blazes. July has seen 41 heat records set across the United States with zero record minimums. The next two days in Central Oregon are also expected to be the hottest recorded this week, which means responding to more calls to those suffering from this summer’s high temperatures.

Jon Erickson of Bend Fire said he has responded to over a dozen heat related incidents in the past week, many of the calls are for those who are frequently exposed to the elements.

Even those who are relatively healthy have suffered in recent weeks during what’s being recorded as the fourth hottest year on record. Hundreds of wildfires have been triggered in Oregon alone, dozens have been killed across the western hemisphere, and the heat is expected to continue.

Erickson says the best way to avoid being affected by the heat is to simply stay inside but if you’re going to be outside, staying hydrated is your best bet to staying healthy.


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