▶️ Bend residents look north to scratch Fourth of July fireworks itch


For the second year, it’s against the law to buy, sell or set off fireworks in the City of Bend. But for many smaller communities around Central Oregon, they remain legal.

Travis Leeman sold fireworks for years in Bend. Now, following the ban, he’s the manager of the Discount Fireworks Superstore in Redmond.

“We have seen a pretty substantial increase in sales here in Redmond, I’d say 20 to 50% increase in sales since the ban,” he said.

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Many Bendites have flocked north for their firework fix. With the increased traffic, Leeman says he plans to set up shop here in the future.

“As long as Redmond continues to sell fireworks or allow us to sell fireworks, we expect sales to just go up and up from here,” he said.

Although convenient for Bend residents to buy fireworks in other locations, Bend Deputy Fire Marshal Dan Derlacki says lighting fireworks within city limits remains illegal.

“If you’re caught with fireworks, you can be issued a citation for it,” he said. “If you need to use them or want to use them, find a community that does allow them and make sure when you’re there, follow their rules, their safety guidelines.”

For Leeman, it’s still early in the firework frenzy. He expects sales to continue heating up.

“As we get closer to the fourth, it’s definitely going to ramp up,” he said. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd (of July) we expect to just be really busy, it’s kind of chaotic in here, so come by early if you’re looking to have fully stocked options.”


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