▶️ Fire on the Mountain bringing new hot wings joint to Bend


Bend’s restaurant scene is about to get a lot hotter.

Fire on the Mountain Buffalo Wings will soon open up shop next to the Campfire Hotel on NE 3rd Street.

It’s a casual wing and beer joint that started in Portland and expanded to Denver.

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The Bend location is aiming to start serving spicy wings this summer.

“Basically hot wings, Buffalo-style hot wings. We have 12 different sauces, we do a really good, you know we take pride in the wings we serve,” said Fire on the Mountain founder Sawa Sawicki, who recently moved to Central Oregon. “People seem to really love them. We have a lot of people who have come from Buffalo actually. They’re a little skeptical, but once they try the wings they say hey this is the real deal.”

The restaurant is hoping to start hiring this spring.



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