▶️ Caught on camera: Florida cop treated for overdose after fentanyl exposure


(Editor’s note: The video above includes police body cam footage of Officer Courtney Bannick after she was exposed to fentanyl during a traffic stop. It may be difficult for some to watch.)

A Florida police officer who was revived with NARCAN after being exposed to fentanyl during a traffic stop is speaking about her experience. The body cam video of her experience has gone viral.

Only a couple days after that fentanyl encounter, the officer seen in that video was back to work at the Tavares Police Department.

“If I didn’t have backup there, I wouldn’t be here today,” said Officer Courtney Bannick.

Bannick says she took precautions while discovering what turned out to be the powerful opiod.

“As soon as I started talking, I was light-headed a little bit and started almost choking. I couldn’t breathe,” said Bannick.

Within a matter of moments, she says things took a turn.

“I’m very mindful that I don’t touch my face if I have gloves on, but did I wipe my nose with my wrist? Did I use something? I don’t know,” said Bannick.

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Bannick says she remembers little as other officers arrived. Three doses of NARCAN were used to battle the effects of a sudden overdose.

“It was hard. It’s hard because I’m helpless. I’ve done this to a hundred people before and now I needed it,” said Bannick.

After making a full recovery, she chose to release the video to show the community the dangerous effects of fentanyl.

“We’re not dealing with pharmaceutical grade fentanyl. Every day, these street chemists are coming up with something because these drug users are building a tolerance to it,” Bannick

And while the video has been difficult to watch, she’s thankful for the quick thinking of her fellow officers.

“If I was searching that car alone, or testing those drugs alone, or whatever the case may be and I didn’t have NARCAN available, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be here right now,” said Bannick.

Bannick says she’s grateful for all the support she’s received from the community.


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