FBI to investigate Warm Springs officer-involved shooting


The FBI is investigating an officer-involved shooting Sunday afternoon on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, according to police.

Warm Springs Tribal Police Chief Bill Elliott said officers were dispatched to the West Hills area around 2:20 p.m. to investigate a man with a gun.

Officers responded to the area to find the man, who was later identified as Macklin Kalama, a Warm Springs Tribal member.

Elliott said officers saw Kalama with a weapon when they told him to show his hands.

During the encounter, Kalama said several times to officers “just shoot me,” Elliott said. He then allegedly made a motion that led officers to believe he was about to use deadly force against them, Elliott said.

One of the officers shot at and hit Kalama, Elliott said. No information was given on the name of the officer or how many shots were fired.

He was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to St. Charles in Bend. He was later taken to a hospital in Portland, Elliott said.

The FBI and United States Attorney’s Office were notified, and upon the request of the WSTPD, the FBI dispatched their Evidence Recovery Team (ERT) to process the incident site, which was completed Monday.

Elliott said his office is conducting an administrative review of the officer’s use of force and has asked another Tribal Police Agency to assist in the review.

The officer was wearing a bodycam, which was operational, and the footage will be made part of the administrative review, Elliott said.


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