Famous running dog Gobi visits Deschutes Public Library


A special dog and her human made an appearance at the Deschutes Public Library over the weekend.

In 2016, Dion Leonard was running a 155-mile stage race across the Gobi desert of China when he came across a stray pup.

The dog ended up running four stages of the race- or 80 miles- with Leonard.

Afterward, Leonard wanted to bring his new running partner home, and he went back to China to pursue a months-long adoption process.

The story inspired a New York Times best-selling book in 2017 titled “Finding Gobi”, and a film is also in the works.

“The story’s heartwarming and inspiring on so many different levels, and I’ve had a very difficult upbringing and childhood as well, so people can connect with that,” Leonard said.

“People of course love animals, and love the story with Gobi. For me it’s really seeing the joy that people have towards Gobi, and helping other animals in need by sharing Gobi’s story that helps ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’, and people realize there’s many other animals out there that need help just like Gobi did.”

“Adopt, Don’t Shop” is a national campaign to encourage adopting rescue pets.


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