Family escapes Bend mobile home fire; new homeowners didn’t have insurance

A family of three was able to escape a mobile home fire early Thursday morning, according to Bend Fire and Rescue.

Crews responded to the fire at 3:34 a.m. and found flames in the crawl space of a single-wide mobile home at 63930 N Hwy 97  in the Juniper Mobile Home Park.

Deputy Fire Marshal Susie Maniscalco said the family escaped unharmed even though the fire was directly below their bedroom floor.

They evacuated the house and called 911.

Maniscalco said the home’s electrical system was spliced into the main feeder line coming in from the meter. The probable cause, she said, was electrical resistance which caused the wires to arc and ignite the insulation in the crawl space.

The fire was ruled an accident.

The family had just purchased the home but did not have homeowners insurance.

Maniscalco also said the home was not equipped with working smoke alarms.

If the fire had not been discovered by neighbors, it would have spread undetected, decreasing the chance of escape, she said.

Bend Fire and Rescue would like to remind the community that working smoke alarms save lives.

“We will provide and install smoke alarms at no cost,” she said. “Call us today at 541 322-6300.”


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