▶️ WATCH: Police officer nearly crushed by out-of-control BMW in Virginia


A Virginia police officer narrowly avoided serious injury or worse after a car sliding out of control collided with another car the officer had pulled over on the highway. The whole thing was caught on the officer’s dashboard camera.

It happened Monday morning in Fairfax County. The police department said the officer was making a routine stop. As he was at the passenger side window, talking to the driver, a black BMW M3 coming the opposite way came around a corner and started sliding sideways.

The officer heard the tires screeching, looked up and saw the car coming. He moved quickly to get out of the way just before the sliding BMW hit the car that had been pulled over. 

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Although he was hit, the officer somehow avoided serious injury and walked away. The car eventually hit the officer’s patrol vehicle.

The driver, a 17-year-old, was charged with reckless driving.

Everyone involved — the officer, both drivers and two passengers in the BMW — suffered minor injuries.

The police department is hoping that parents use this video as a chance to teach their kids about the importance of safe driving.


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