Facebook gives $100K to Crook County Library group


Facebook’s Prineville data center has given $100,000 to the Friends of the Crook County Library to enhance technology education throughout the county.

Technology education was the single most-requested goal in Crook County Library’s recent strategic planning process, according to a release from the library group.

“Facebook and Crook County Library are ideally-positioned partners to tackle this need, with Facebook’s technological expertise complementing the library’s connection to the community.

Recent analyses have shown that a significant segment of Crook County residents are uncomfortable with new technology.

This discomfort comes amidst a changing world where mobile and web-based tools increasingly serve as lifelines to essential services such as government benefits, housing, utilities, or even simply staying connected with friends and family.

The Facebook grant seeks not only improve technology and vocational education but also provide more programming in the outlying areas of the county, improving access by older adults, and continuing to offer fun, safe activities for youth of all ages.

Facebook’s grant to the Friends of the Library will support several pieces of new equipment aimed at improving Crook County’s access to technology and vocational education:

  • New laptop and tablet computers, allowing staff to teach classes to larger groups of people on the latest technology.
  • Carrying cases, portable screens, and projectors for teaching on-the-go.
  • Backpacks with tablets and WiFi hotspots, which members of the public may check out to give technology access throughout the county.
  • Robotics kits to teach Crook County students coding and other skills needed for the modern economy.
  • A van to carry all the new equipment, allowing the library to reach every corner of the county.

The new equipment will help the Crook County Library achieve several initiatives the public identified as being of the highest priority in the library’s recently-adopted strategic plan. The library hopes to start rolling out new classes in late spring, with other activities, such as robotics and technology backpacks, becoming available later in the year.

“Since we broke ground on our Prineville Data Center, Facebook has been committed to investing in the vitality of the community.  

We are thrilled to partner with the Crook County Library to help bring technology education to local residents,” said William Marks, Community Development Regional Manager at Facebook. “We hope this grant will help make technology more accessible to people of all ages in Crook County, wherever they live.”

Facebook has been a part of the Prineville community since 2010 when they established their Prineville Data Center.

They support the community through a number of grants and programs, including their Community Action Grants, a program created to address needs in Crook County by putting the power of technology to use for community benefit, connecting people online or off, and improving STEM education.

The Friends of the Crook County Library are an independent nonprofit that promotes literacy and reading throughout the county, primarily by supporting the Library. They raise funds from a variety of sources including monthly and ongoing booksales, Chapters Bookstore for Kids, memberships, and grants.

Crook County Library provides traditional and innovative library resources and programming to Crook County residents of all ages. It is an environment where people come together for lifelong learning, enjoyment, and connection. To learn more about both the library and Friends of the Library, visit www.crooklib.org.”


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