Elon Musk owns Twitter. So now what happens?


Elon Musk has taken control of Twitter after a protracted legal battle and months of uncertainty. The question now is what the billionaire Tesla CEO will actually do with the social media platform that he bought for $44 billion.

Major personnel shakeups are widely expected, with Musk ousting several top Twitter executives on Thursday. A fourth confirmed his departure, in a tweet.

Musk gave one indication of where he’s headed in a tweet Friday. He wrote that no decisions on content or reinstating of suspended accounts will be made until a “content moderation council” is put in place.  He wrote that the council would have diverse viewpoints.

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Shortly after Musk took control, some conservative personalities wasted no time to jump on the platform and recirculate long-debunked conspiracy theories in a tongue-in-cheek attempt to “test” whether Twitter’s policies on misinformation were still being enforced.

Twitter has made no announcements of any immediate policy changes other than those above. But that didn’t stop users from cheering — or criticizing — what they expected to be a quick embrace of Musk’s pledges to cut back on moderation in the name of promoting free speech.

Musk now gets chance to defeat Twitter’s many fake accounts

Twitter’s unending fight against spam accounts is now a problem for Musk to deal with.

He pledged in April to defeat the bot scourge or “die trying!” He later cited bots as a reason to back out of buying the social platform. Now that the billionaire has completed the deal, he’s faced with the task of delivering on his promise to clean up the fake profiles that have preoccupied him and bedeviled Twitter since long before he expressed interest in acquiring it.

The bot count matters because advertisers — Twitter’s chief revenue source — want to know roughly how many real humans they are reaching when they buy ads.




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