Election Results: Crook Co. courthouse, 509J school bond, jail levy passing


On Tuesday night millions of dollars in bonds were left to the voters of Jefferson and Crook counties.

The money included measures to fund and restore the Crook County courthouse, improve schools in Jefferson County and keep the local jail up and running.

Measure 16-99 or the “Five Year Jail Operations Levy” in Jefferson County preliminary results show just more than 50% voters in favor of the levy as of Tuesday night.

A total of 4,651 votes were tallied; 2,363 votes were in favor and 2,288 votes opposed the levy.

The jail levy will be paid for by raising property taxes in the county.

The new levy will raise taxpayer cost from $1.39 per $1,000 valuation to to $1.69 per $1,000 valuation and lasts five years.

As for Jefferson County Schools, the $24 million bond would go toward improving health, safety, and security, as well as repairing and updating aging school buildings.

Results for Measure 16-98 or the “Bond to Address Health and Safety; Repair, Update Facilities” show the bond as passing.

With 2,588 total votes, just more than 56% (1,467) voted to approve the bond, while around 43% (1,121) were opposed.

$1.4 million of the $24 million will go toward upgrading the Madras High School soccer facility.

Crook County voters decided on a $35 million bond measure to build a new courthouse and save the previous one.

The “General Obligation Bonds to Restore Courthouse; Support Justice Center” or Measure 07-74 show the bond as passing with 4,226 (64.30%) votes in favor to 2,346 (35.70%) against.

The bond will go into effect in 2027.


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