▶️ Eggsasperating: Local businesses struggle during egg shortage


Bend food trucks and restaurants have had to find alternative means in finding eggs during the national egg shortage.

“We’ve been forced to go around to different stores. Walmart, Freddy’s to scrounge for eggs anywhere you can find them. Especially for better prices,” Devin Kennedy with Burrito Sunrise said.

The shortage is due to a deadly avian flu outbreak. That’s making the price of eggs skyrocket. 

“We were paying $18 for a 15-dozen case. Now it’s up to $80-$90,” Kennedy said.

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Kennedy says they were paying eight cents per egg a year and a half ago. Now they’re paying 50 cents per egg — a six-fold increase. 

“In Bend, it’s especially bad. We rely on trucks here, and nothing seems to be coming in.”

It’s not just impacting the food truck business, either. The owner of McKay Cottage told Central Oregon Daily News that they’ve spent a record amount on egg cases within the last month. $85 each.

As for Kennedy, he just hopes things will get cheaper.

“I’d just like to see it get better for everybody’s sake,” Kennedy said. “No one wants to raise prices but everyone’s being forced to.”

Kennedy says it’s not just eggs. The cost of pretty much everything that has to do with food is up. 


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