▶️ Deschutes County presented criteria for next landfill


Knott Landfill in Bend is filling up with less than 10 years to find a replacement.

Criteria for exploring 12 potential areas was presented to Deschutes County Commissioners Monday night.

“All the waste goes to Knott Landfill,” said Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone. “That’s going to be filled up at some point and less than ten years now. So that window is really closing and that’s not a future ten years. It’s getting closer.”

 A percentage and weighted system breaking down the topics of environment, land use, and engineering

“We will have a pretty robust narrative on the sites that we get down to and how that scored and why they scored, so that’s it’s not just looking at a map, but it’s also kind of a narrative to kind of the site as well,” said Project Manager of Parametrix Dwight Miller.

A dozen sites will be chosen through this system before three final areas are chosen by March of next year.

“Once sites start to pop up then the criteria discussions could happen,” said DeBone. “Maybe we do start to care about some more wildlife or water or environment or route or private or whatever. That’s when I really think we can start to talk about the criteria.”

The plans call for more than just a landfill, but a solid waste management facility.

Used for more than just garbage, but things like recycling, energy production and composting.

For cost-effective reasons commissioners are urging for it to be near the City of Bend.

“Cause if we start sending it out of the county, 100, 200 miles away, it sounds like a good idea, but all of a sudden, how many truck miles, what’s the cost of diesel,” said DeBone. “How many trucks are leaving our county? So I am a really big advocate for this landing in our county.”

The board is meeting to discuss sites and criteria again June 22, and in August before three sites are chosen in March.

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