DUII arrests in Bend pacing ahead of 2020 after launch of new police program


A renewed focus on DUII and aggressive drivers appears to be working for Bend Police – and the community.

Officers have already arrested 160 people for alcohol or drug DUII this year; that’s more than half the total number of similar arrests in 2020.

Over the last four years, community members have ranked traffic safety and enforcement consistently high in the bi-annual Bend Police Department survey.

In the 2021 survey, between 70 – 90 % of community members surveyed ranked distracted driving and speeding as their highest concerns, almost 80% listed alcohol offenses as at least a minor problem and over 60% supported additional enforcement efforts and adding officers to enforce driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) related crimes.

“The goals of the Bend Police Department are aligned with the goals of our community in ensuring overall safety by enforcing dangerous driving behavior to include DUII enforcement, speeding, and distracted driving,” said Police Chief Mike Krantz.

In response to those community needs, the Bend Police Department started a DUII and Aggressive Driving program this spring.

▶️ New Bend PD position focused on drunk drivers – and saving lives

The program works along with the patrol teams in an effort to reduce intoxicated drivers, aggressive driving and vehicle crashes.

In 43 patrol shifts, the assigned officer has arrested 48 intoxicated/impaired drivers.

The Bend Police Department is adding a second officer to the DUII enforcement team starting next week.

Bad news for anyone considering getting behind the wheel of a car impaired.

The consequences for the first-time conviction of driving under the influence of intoxicants is a one-year driver’s license suspension, maximum fine of $6,250.00, and up to 364 days in jail.

It is not surprising that traffic safety rates so high as a priority for our community members as the consequences of poor decisions of DUII, distracted driving and speeds can have lasting impacts on individual’s lives.

DUII enforcement saves lives.

Help save a life by reporting someone you suspect of being an impaired driver to 911.


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