Drunk driver crashes truck into Redmond home where infant was sleeping


A Redmond woman was charged with drunk driving Saturday night after she lost control of her truck and crashed into a home where an 8-month-old child was sleeping, according to police.

Shortly after 11:20 PM, Redmond Police officers and Redmond Fire & Rescue personnel were dispatched to 2773 SW 50th Street, on a report of a vehicle crashing into the front of a house.

The homeowners called 911 and left the house with their 8-month-old child as a safety precaution.

Upon arrival, Redmond Police contacted a woman who was driving a 2017 Ford F150 and her passenger.

The driver sustained minor injuries, consistent with airbag deployment, and was evaluated by medics at the crash scene.

The passenger did not have any injuries.

Redmond Fire & Rescue personnel examined the home and determined it was not at risk of structural collapse despite the significant damage it had sustained.  The residents were able to return to their house for the night.

An investigation at the scene determined the Ford 150 was driving north on SW 50th Street when, for unknown reasons, it crossed the center of the road, hitting a parked Jeep Grand Cherokee on the southbound side of SW 50th Street.

The collision resulted in the Ford losing control and careening into the front yard and hitting two rooms on the house’s front.  One of the rooms was where the 8-month-old child was sleeping.  The child was not injured.

Teresa Brunson, 39, was arrested at the scene for DUII-Alcohol, Recklessly Endangering, Reckless Driving, and Criminal Mischief II and driven to the Redmond Police Department.

Brunson was issued a criminal citation to appear in Deschutes County Circuit Court and released.

Driving under the influence of intoxicants is illegal, dangerous, and responsible for approximately 30% of fatal crashes yearly.

It is extremely fortunate this DUII-related crash did not result in the death of an innocent child, police said.

The Redmond Police Department pleads with everyone to not drive after becoming impaired by alcohol, marijuana, or any other substance.

The state of Oregon has some of the most stringent DUII laws in the country, yet incidents such as this still play out in Oregon nearly every day.


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