Downtown Redmond businesses excited for hotel reopening


This Redmond renovation will serve as more than just a hotel.

“We’re just excited about having the hotel just bring all the right clientele right to downtown,” said Nicole Meagher, owner of Willow Wild, a downtown Redmond boutique. “So people that are here to see the outdoors and experience Central Oregon, and to bring them here to Redmond is pretty exciting and cool.”

SCP Redmond, previously known as The New Redmond Hotel is set to open December 6th.

And should have a serious economic impact on Redmond and its local businesses.

“As we have more guests come in, it’s going to bring more people to the downtown area,” said Tobias Colvin, general manager of SCP Redmond. “Which should bring up the amount of business that is being generated by those guests.”

SCP Redmond has been a two year, $7 million dollar project.

Featuring a co-working space, rooftop bar, and peaceful rooms for guests who want to “unplug.”

Best of all, the historic property is right in the heart of downtown Redmond.

“I feel like just as a business owner myself, and choosing Redmond, I loved the community and the people, and it’s kinda neat to see they’re kinda in the same boat and looking for that same sense of community and local support,” Meagher said. 

Meagher says the opening of SCP Redmond is an exciting validation for the city, especially local businesses, drawing in foot traffic from visitors and locals alike.

“Already I would say since the buzz of the hotel’s been going on, and the rooftop bar’s been open, the foot traffic, especially in the evenings has really increased and the hours that they’re open,” she said. “And it’s just exciting, it adds a new vibrancy to downtown and a new reason to come to Redmond. So it’s exciting.”


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