Downtown Bend seeks flower basket sponsors


The Downtown Bend Business Association (DBBA) has traditionally decorated the downtown district for the summer season with flower baskets.  

“Usually the DBBA’s largest fundraiser, Bend Oktoberfest, is the primary funding source for the Downtown flower basket program, but due to COVID-19, we’ve been unable to host this fundraiser for the past 2 years,” said Board member Christine Davis.

“Understanding what a huge impact flower baskets have on the downtown core and small business community, we’re asking for your help to keep this tradition going.“ 

The cost of the Downtown Bend Flower Basket Program is $300 per basket, and with a total of 100 baskets needed, the total cost is $30,000 annually. 

This includes purchase, installing, watering, fertilizing, rotating and deadheading each basket for the entire season.   

If you are interested in sponsoring a flower basket, you can find more information on Downtown Bend’s website.


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