▶️ ‘Don’t hesitate, just vaccinate:’ Health expert explains vaccine safety



In a live video on St. Charles’ Facebook Monday, Dr. Cynthia Maree, a St. Charles Infectious Disease Expert, took on what she called common misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

As of Monday, 5,642 people have received the COVID vaccine in Deschutes County.

But some people have hesitations regarding how quickly the vaccine was approved. AP News reported some places are seeing more than 80% of health care workers holding back from getting the shot.

“A lot of the hesitancy we’re seeing in the community is, man, this came really fast,” Maree said. “How can this be safe and effective?”

Dr. Maree said the vaccine was able to be developed quickly because of a generous supply of government funding, a collaboration between the U.S., Britain, and other countries, and previous vaccine knowledge.

“In terms of looking at the spike protein, that had already been investigated, looking at MERS and SARS,” Maree said.

Some people may think they could get the virus from the vaccine or the vaccine could change someone’s DNA. Not true, Maree said.

“They do not use the live virus that causes COVID-19, so they cannot give you COVID,” Maree said. “They also do not affect our DNA in any way because they do not enter the nucleus of the cell.”

Some people might believe they don’t need the vaccine because they already had the virus.

“Although it is true we believe having a prior COVID-19 infection naturally does defer some immunity, this may be only effective up to 90 days,” Maree said.

Maree mentioned several other hesitations and responses in her video, which can be found here.

Her message throughout the video was clear: she hopes you’ll say yes to getting vaccinated.

“Don’t hesitate, just vaccinate,” Maree said.



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