▶️ Dog stolen from parked car; family offers $1k reward for return


A Bend couple is on the hunt for their beloved Dachshund, Franklin, after someone smashed their car window and stole the pup while they stopped to grab a beer.

After a long day of recreating with their dog, Justine Meyer and her boyfriend stopped at Big Dog Growlers on Bend’s south side. When they returned to their car, they found their car window had been broken and Franklin was gone.

“We took him to a spot we like to go fishing out by Deschutes River Woods. We got him in the car, instantly passed out because he was so tired from all the playtime he had just had,” Meyer said. 

They decided to leave him in the car to sleep while they went inside.

“We set up the bed in the car and didn’t think anything of it because we’re in the area a lot,” she said. “Just went inside and when we went to leave we saw that the window had been broken and he was no longer in the vehicle.”

The doors were locked and nothing else was missing from the car besides Franklin. They were parked near the alley, so unfortunately security cameras didn’t pick up a thing.

“We spent probably an hour and a half, maybe even two hours, just driving around the whole vicinity,” she said. “We went to Walmart and checked with the security guard, talked to some of the businesses that were still open like AM/PM, went into some of the neighborhoods.”

But little Franklin was nowhere to be found.

“It’s terrible to think that someone would steal him in the first place. It makes me sad to think like, ‘Is he getting fed, is he cold, is he getting all the love he needs?’ because he’s definitely like our baby,” she said. 

Justine filed a police report, and is now offering a $1,000 reward for Franklin’s safe return.

She also has a message for whoever might have taken him.

“He has a family, he has a good family, he’s well taken care of. We honestly just want to get our little guy back.”

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