▶️ Need poop scooped? Brother-sister Dog Poop Team is here to help.


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A Central Oregon brother-sister duo want to help you with one of the more unpleasant aspects of dog owning.

Peyton and Jaxon Schiess, ages 8 and 7, form the Dog Poop Team — a business that comes to you to pick up your dog waste. Most of the money they earn goes toward the cost to play sports. 

“My mom thought of the idea so we could get some money to help out around the house and get some money for the wrestling tournaments and maybe some soccer tournaments,” Jaxon said. 

The idea for the poop scooping business came at an unlikely location. The dining room table.

“We were kind of talking about how much it costs to go to these tournaments and how much sports are in general right now,” their mother, Destanie Schiess, said. “We had thought about how could they help out with that. What do they do at the house that they could do for somebody else? and dog poop came up. We came up with a business plan and we went for it.”

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Of course, there’s always some money left over for more of the finer things in life.

“We also use it for arcades and treats. After we do our dog poop, we add it to our bank account and it all adds up. Now we have enough money to go to a different wrestling tournament this weekend,” Peyton said.

The dog poop team will officially be back open for business in March. It’s $50 for a monthly pick up for one dog. Each additional dog comes with a $5.50 charge.  If you’d like the team to take the waste away, that’s another $5.

If interested, you can contact Destanie Schiess at 541-777-4222.



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