▶️ Dog gets caught in hunting trap near Tumalo

Dogs are often willing hiking and jogging companions on Central Oregon trails.

But as one unlucky pair learned, the woods aren’t always safe for our four-legged friends.

Shera Felde was on a trail near Tumalo with her dog Finn recently. Everything was fine until Finn went off trail and stepped into a hunting trap – used to catch coyotes or other local wildlife.

Felde was able to get Finn out and make it back to Safety, not she has questions about how it happened.

 “At the time I didn’t know if he’d be bleeding, if he’d have broken bones. I didn’t think a vet could find me because I was out in an undetermined place.” Felde said. “If the state police and the sheriff are saying ‘it’s legal if they’re doing it the right way’ and there’s a whole lot of them out there, then we should all know how to deal with them.”

Finn has made a full recovery.

Trapping is legal in Oregon in many areas during the season that runs from December 1st to March 15th.

Oregon State Police is investigating to determine whether this trap was legal.

Either way, it’s a good reminder to keep your eyes peeled if you bring your dog out on the trail with you.

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