Disabled woman, dog rescued from home as fire damages garage in Prineville


An off-duty Bend firefighter rescued a disabled woman and a dog from a Prineville home Friday before crews arrived to put out a fire in the garage, authorities said.

Crook County Fire & Rescue Division Chief Russ Deboodt said crews responded to NE Mariposa Avenue around 9:52 to find a small one-story house with a fire in the garage and smoke filling the house.

Crews were able to cut open the garage door and access the fire to quickly put it out.

They were able to contain the fire to the garage, Deboodt said. The rest of the home had only minor smoke damage.

Prior to Crook County Fire & Rescue’s arrival, an off-duty Bend Fire & Rescue firefighter in the area rescued a disabled woman who was unable to leave the house on her own.

Two people were treated for smoke inhalation.

Two cats remain unaccounted for. No word yet on a probable cause of the fire.



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