▶️ Dill update: Injured pup getting rehab, but may not regain use of back legs


A puppy named Dill who was injured in a head-on collision in Bend last weekend is now getting acupuncture and physical therapy after undergoing surgery on his fractured femur. But it remains unclear if he’ll regain full use of his back legs.

Bend Animal Emergency (BAE) said Dill’s surgery went very well, but there remain some neurological issues.

“So we’re hoping over time that will come back. The surgeon did say it could be from spinal swelling or inflammation. So we just have to take it a day at a time right now,” Vet Technician and Community Outreach Director for Bend Animal Emergency Brittany Landucci said.

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“He’s been going to acupuncture at Plateau Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Cook has offered her services and donated time. So he started acupuncture this week. We’re meeting with Dr. Janice McConnell with Stride Canine Rehab this weekend as well. So he’s got all the right things going for him,” Landucci said.

But we’re working on range of motion exercises. He’s been going to acupuncture at Plateau Veterinary Clinic.

Ownership of Dill was transferred to BAE after his owner was arrested following the collision outside the Bend Factory Stores last Saturday. Two people in the other vehicle involved ended up in the hospital.

BAE says it has received $10,000 in donations from the public to help with Dill’s medical bills, but the bills already exceed that. And if Dill ends up needing a wheelchair, then that number will go up.

Dill will remain in foster care for the time being and is not available for adoption.


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