▶️ Dill update: Learns to walk again, is adopted by local family


Do you remember Dill, the puppy who nearly lost one of his legs after being injured in a collision last month in Bend?

The lovable pup has been adopted. Not only that, he’s walking again but he still has many hurdles to clear before he’s 100%.

We caught up with Dill and his new family, Evan, Mary Jane and his new brother River, over the weekend to see how the pup is doing so far. 

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“All she wants to do is play with him, which makes it a little difficult because the P.T. or the physical therapist wants us to try and not have him play so much right now,” said Evan.

“Dill has made progress every single day that we’ve noticed starting to run, giving him lots of treat, toys and food puzzles, but the two of them love to play together, said Mary Jane. “It’s been a perfect addition to our little family.”

If you want to keep up with Dill’s progress, the family has an Instagram page: @RivysRoad.

Ownership of Dill was transferred to Bend Animal Emergency last month after his owner was arrested following the collision outside the Bend Factory Stores. Two people in the other vehicle involved ended up in the hospital.

Donations from the public helped to pay for surgery that saved Dill from having one of his legs amputated.


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