▶️ Destination Oregon: Tabula Rasa


Chances are you have heard the term “sustainable” farming. The concept of protecting the environment through agricultural practices. There is a new agricultural concept called “regenerative farming” that not only seeks to improve the land but improve your health, too. 

Tucked in the rolling agricultural landscape in the hills outside of Carlton, Oregon, she sits perched on a hillside with a bird’s eye view of her fertile farmland: Tabula Rasa.

The former home and art studio has been transformed into a bed and breakfast that looks like it popped out of Sunset Magazine, and it did!

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Tabula Rasa is a Latin phrase meaning “the absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals.” In other words, a clean slate.

They call Tabula Rasa a “multi-species regenerative farm.” Which begs the question, what does that actually mean? They raise cattle, poultry, hogs and more on free range land. And rather than trying to make the land “sustainable,” they are working to make the land better.

Two important resources on any farm are water and soil. At the same time, they are trying to slow the runoff of water to maximize its usage, and the owner of Tabula Rasa came up with an ingenious way to do just that.

They give tours to the public to explain regenerative farming and to tell people more about where their food comes from. Produce and meat from Tabula Rasa are available at a Farm Market in the nearby town of Yamhill.


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