▶️ Trapped fish in Deschutes River need your help. Here’s how to sign up.


With water levels dropping this time of year, it’s also the time where local conservationist rescue fish — and they need your help.

On the Upper Deschutes River, there is a side channel near Lava Island where fish get trapped. Dozens of volunteers help scoop up fish and take them in buckets to the main stream of the river.

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The rescue dates start Saturday and run through October 19.

“So the folks that plan on netting or handling the fish, we’re just going to need them to actually have access to the river,” said Deschutes River Conservancy Communications Director Marisa Hossick. “Bring waders, bring rubber boots, anything that’ll keep them dry and definitely bring sunscreen. It’s going to be sunny, bring a lunch, bring lots of water. We’ll have snacks up there for you, but definitely take care of yourself.”

There are still multiple time slots available to join the rescue. You can sign up at this link.




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