Deschutes Public Library launches new mobile hotspot lending program


You can check out books, movies, museum passes, “things” like air fryers and so much more from Deschutes Public Library.

Starting this month, Deschutes County residents can even check out the internet with the Library’s new mobile hotspot collection. 

“Giving Deschutes County residents the ability to connect to the internet helps bridge the digital divide,” said Emily O’Neal, technical services manager for Deschutes Public Library. “Libraries play a significant role in advancing digital literacy in their communities, and access to the internet is increasingly essential to function in the modern world. We’re excited to help provide the Central Oregon community with greater access to the internet.”

Deschutes Public Library’s mobile hotspot collection features 50 devices that county residents can check out for up to three weeks at a time.

Each small hotspot works much like a WiFi network in a home or a business: it transmits an internet connection to which people can connect a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Up to five devices can link to one mobile hotspot at a time, meaning a family can share the connection.

Hotspots can be placed on hold using the Library’s online catalog at

The hotspots need to connect to a cell tower in order to function as an internet connection, so as long as the device can connect to a cell tower, users can access the internet using the device.

For more information about the mobile hotspots available from the Library, and for answers to some frequently asked questions, visit


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