▶️ Committee nixes 3 potential Deschutes County landfill sites


The Deschutes County Solid Waste advisory committee that is trying to help determine the site of a future landfill voted Tuesday to remove three sites following an FAA recommendation.

Knott Landfill is forecasted to reach capacity by 2029, meaning the county needs to start development on a new dump in 2027 — a very tight timeline. 

Thirteen sites are under consideration, but the FAA says landfills should be built outside of a five-mile radius of airports.

Three locations fall within that radius.

  • Negus Transfer Station Property in Redmond
  • Central Oregon Irrigation District property off Bear Creek Road
  • Deschutes County property off Rickard Road

“I’m very, very pleased and I’d like to thank the advisory committee for taking this matter and spending so much time to be educated on it and come to the right decision,” said Tracy Williams, Bend Municipal Airport manager.

The decision still needs to go through the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners, which they will discuss at their next meeting. If the board goes with those recommendations, it will leave ten potential sites remaining.

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