▶️ Deschutes County seeks public feedback on updated Transportation System Plan


Deschutes County has launched a virtual open house asking for community feedback on its updated Transportation System Plan (TSP). 

There are currently 17 proposed projects that are scheduled to be completed by 2040. 

“It kind of guides our investment,” Director of the Deschutes County Road Department Chris Doty said. “Where we are going to make improvements with the limited resources we have on the county’s transportation system, which is all the county roads outside of the cities here in Deschutes County.” 

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Some projects are more pressing than others.

“Where we do have problems are intersections that need safety improvements,” Doty said. “In a lot of projects, for example, we’re adding rural roundabouts to improve safety.”

The projects vary in size and cost. But size doesn’t necessarily correlate to priority. A $50 million project proposing an interchange that connects 19th Street just south of the fairgrounds to the highway likely wont see any groundbreaking for years to come.

Smaller projects such as replacing the intersection along Bend Municipal Airport with a roundabout are higher on the list. 

The road department says funding comes from a variety of resources. The county, funds from the state gas tax, DMV fees and other registration and license fees that come through the state all contribute. State and federal grants will also be used, especially for the largest projects.


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