▶️ 13 potential sites named to replace Knott Landfill: See the map


The Deschutes County Solid Waste Advisory Committee has identified 13 potential sites for a new facility to replace Knott Landfill. The committee will meet on Dec. 20 to review them.

Knott Landfill is set to reach capacity in 2029. It is the county’s only landfill.

The 13 locations include one northeast of Redmond; Two east of Bend near the Badlands and another just south of the Badlands; Five near Pine Mountain; Two east of Brothers near Highway 20 and two more east of Hampton. You can see all the proposed locations in the map below.

“These initial sites were identified through a multi-step process, using criteria that we developed through a public process. It is exciting to see the early results of the screening process, and we are eager to get feedback on the sites,” said Deschutes County’s Director of Solid Waste Chad Centola said in a statement.

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Knott Landfill replacement site map


Deschutes County says it has shared information with the property owners of the thirteen sites as well as property owners adjacent to the identified sites.

The Dec. 20 meeting will be 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. It will be at Deschutes County Road Department Conference Room (61150 SE 27th St., Bend, OR 97702).

It’s also available via Zoom:

Residents can provide feedback or submit questions by emailing ​​managethefuture@deschutescounty.gov or calling the Department of Solid Waste at (541) 317-3163.

The committee is expected to narrow the list down to three-to-five sites for further study after additional analysis. That’s expected in March.

Deschutes County says the new facility will be a 100-year asset and the search for a location will mainly be driven by the need for landfill capacity. Other services such as recyclables, food waste, and construction and demolition materials may also be considered.

The transfer station, recycling center, household hazardous waste collection facility and composting operation at Knott Landfill will continue to operate at their current location and be open to the public after closure of Knott Landfill, the county said.


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