Deschutes County judge offers to wed couples on Valentine’s Day


Deschutes County Circuit Court Judge Raymond Crutchley has cleared his schedule this year’s Valentines Day.

Instead of ruling on cases, he’ll be conducting weddings at the Deschutes County courthouse.

Circuit Court judges are able to perform weddings, but Judge Crutchley says they rarely have time because their dockets are so full with cases.

After discussing the infrequent opportunities for weddings with another judge, Judge Crutchley decided to set February 14 aside and call the day “Cupid’s Docket.”

“You do a wedding, you bring people together, you bring the community together,” Judge Crutchley said. “I think that’s a really positive step.”

In a courtroom complete with wedding decorations, couples will have about half an hour to get to know the judge, have an individual ceremony and sign documents.

Judge Crutchley hopes for it to become an annual event.

This year, he’s accepting 10 couples. Anyone hoping to partake can call the main Circuit Court number, 541-388-5300 between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.



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