▶️ DCSO: Icy roads cause spike in accidents Wednesday morning


The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) saw an increase in accidents Wednesday morning.

The icy road conditions made early-morning driving a little less safe, leading to five accidents. 

“Make sure your car is in good working order. Make sure you have good tires on your car, and make sure your windows are defrosted before you leave your house,” said Sergeant Jayson Janes with DCSO.

Janes continued, “The biggest thing is: give yourself a little more time than you normally do because you’re going to need to drive slower.”

He added that if you happen to hit an ice patch, do not immediately hit the brakes. Instead, take your foot off of the accelerator and slow down at a reasonable pace so you keep friction and do not lose traction.

It’s alright to go a little slower than normal, as well.

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“Some of the speeds posted on our roads are basic rule speed recommendations, and if it’s not safe to go 55, then go a little bit slower,” said Janes.

Central Oregon Daily News spoke with drivers to see how they’re handling the road conditions.

“Slow down and watch the other guys,” said Detlef Kirkendall of Summer Lake, Oregon.

One woman agreed with the “slow” advice.

“I just went really slow like everybody else did, and one truck was already off and emergency vehicles there,” said Bend woman Lucy, speaking about her morning drive to work. 

And are we getting studded tires?

“I won’t get studded tires. I have all-wheel drive, and the roads…I went to work at 5:20 this morning and they were actually okay,” said Shannon, also from Bend. 

Even with all-wheel drive, one woman says she will get studs.

“I have four-wheel drive, so I’m not too worried, and my tires, as they are, are decent,” said Sisters resident Cate O’Hagan. “But, you know, it’s time to change into the studs.”

If you’re looking into getting studded tires for the winter, the first day you can drive with them is November 1. 


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