▶️ ‘I adore my job’: Deschutes Co. Health Hero Awards highlights 4 recipients


Throughout these past years, healthcare professionals have worked tirelessly to keep us feeling our best. Tuesday afternoon, multiple healthcare professionals were recognized for their hard work at the Health Hero Awards.

“It feels incredible to have the community I love and the people that have been working hard alongside these past few years come together and say thank you,” said Logan Thomas-Clausen, a pediatrician for COPA.

Thomas-Clausen found her calling caring for children during the pandemic.

“I adore my job. I adore children. I adore keeping them healthy,” Thomas-Clausen said.

Now Deschutes County is letting Thomas Clausen know they adore her and three other 2022 awardees for their work in public health.

“Typically the Public Health Advisory Board provides one award for an organization and one award for an individual,” said Phil Chang, Deschutes County Commissioner “This year, because there were so many people doing incredible work in our community, we did four awards.”

The Deschutes County Health Hero individual award for the year goes to Donna Mills of the Central Oregon Health Council, who is retiring at the end of June.

Mosaic Medical won Organization and COVID Organization of the year for their efforts and their mobile testing facility.

“After these last two years of our staff going above and beyond in providing, testing, vaccinations, and support for not only our patients but the whole community, this is a wonderful recognition,” said Elaine Knobbs-Seasholtz, the Director of Strategy and Development for Mosaic Medical.

Thomas-Clausen and St. Charles System Lab Director Gwen Gist won individual awards for their COVID response, with Gist taking the charge for the hospital’s drive-in clinic.

“I mean, this is my community too,” Gist said “My family is in this community, my kid is in this community so I want to do my best for this community which is why I put my all into it.”

In an industry struggling with employee retention and health care provider burnout from the pandemic, the passion for the community keeps these heroes moving forward.

“That’s truly an incredible feeling that I hope lots of other people get,” Thomas-Clausen said.


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