Deschutes Co. approves $8 million for new Sunriver police/fire station


The Deschutes County Commission has approved $8.6 million in Transient Room Tax (TRT) funds to support a new public safety building in Sunriver and to support trails in Deschutes County.

“We are excited to be able to invest TRT funds locally for improvements that will benefit our residents and visitors,” said Commissioner Tony DeBone.

The $8 million to the Sunriver Service District will help fund a public safety building that will house the Sunriver Fire and Police Departments.

Funds will be dispersed over a three-year period. The total project is estimated to cost $16 to $18 million.

“Sunriver has a significant tourist population and this funding will help assure that the community has appropriate infrastructure to support the needs of emergency services,” said Commissioner Patti Adair.

Debbie Baker, the Sunriver Service District Board Administrators, said the funding was an important step toward “critical public safety and infrastructure upgrades.”

Additional funding will come from SSD reserves and the district is asking Sunriver owners to approve a $7 million, 10-year capital improvement levy to service the debt of the project.

The $600,000 allocation to the Deschutes Trail Coalition (DTC) will support trail and trail-related infrastructure projects in Deschutes County. DTC will disperse funds through a competitive grant process.

“Our natural environment and our trails and other recreational infrastructure draw millions of visitors to Deschutes County every year.

This investment will help ensure we are taking care of the recreational assets that are the foundation of our tourism economy,” said Commissioner Phil Chang.

The County collects an 8% transient room tax on rentals of rooms or space for lodging in unincorporated areas of Deschutes County for a period of up to 30 consecutive days.


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