▶️ Deschutes Alerts reaching out to people with additional needs


The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Oregon Department of Human Services to send out alerts to those who may have additional needs in case of an emergency.

Those alerts are going out through the Deschutes Alerts system. That’s the system that notifies you about things like fires, missing people, threats and more.

In March, those alerts are including those who identified that they are in one or more of 11 additional need categories — such as medical oxygen dependency, dialysis or wheelchair/mobility challenges.

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“We’re focusing on those accounts that have self-identified as having additional needs and that have not updated their profile in the last year,” said Sgt. Nathan Garibay, DCSO Emergency Services Manager. “So if you don’t get a call, don’t worry. It probably means that your account is up to date. But we’d certainly encourage you to log in and make sure it’s up to date. And if you have any questions, please give us a call.”

You can log into your Deschutes Alerts account or create a new account by visiting DeschutesAlerts.org. If you need assistance accessing or creating an account, call 541-388-6501 during business hours. If you want to find another Oregon county’s emergency notification system, visit ORAlert.gov.


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