▶️ OSP shares adorable video of deer family properly using the crosswalk


Oregon State Police have shared an adorable video of a family of deer crossing the street at a crosswalk, using it as a message on how to avoid hitting wildlife.

The video taken from a dashcam was shot on Sept. 2 in downtown John Day. It shows the deer, moving left to right, across the crosswalk.

“This might be an excellent example of proper crosswalk usage, but we want to give you some tips to help avoid a collision with wildlife,” OSP said in a Facebook post.

Among the tips for drivers from OSP:

Don’t swerve to avoid an animal. Stay in your lane and maintain control of the car. 

“Many serious crashes happen when drivers hit a tree or oncoming vehicles while swerving to avoid a collision with an animal,” OSP said.

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Also, know when to be extra alert for wildlife. October and November are deer and elk mating season. They are also migrating from their summer to winter ranges.

Deer also travel in groups. If you see one cross the road, others may be following.

The hours around dawn and dusk, when animals are actively moving between food, water and cover.

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Also, rural two-lane state highways with a 55 mph speed limit are areas of potential danger. OSP said many animals avoid four-lane highways or interstates. If you are on a four-lane road, use the inside lane (so long as you aren’t holding up traffic behind you) during the dawn, dusk and night hours in order to avoid animals grazing on the side of the road.

Additionally, slow down, use your bright headlines when its safe to do so, and don’t tailgate the car in front of you in case they have to suddenly stop.


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