Debris burning now open in some areas outside Bend city limits


As of Friday, October 8, 2021, debris burning is now open in areas outside of the Bend city limits that are served by Bend Fire & Rescue and Deschutes Rural Fire Protection District #2.

Debris burning inside of the city limits of Bend is permanently banned by City ordinance.

Debris burning is only permitted during daylight hours, and you must follow the burning regulations and have a copy of the burning regulations available.

The burning regulations may be found here:

Agricultural burning, bonfires, and debris piles in excess of 6 feet in diameter require a special burn permit, which can be obtained by visiting the online permit portal, a link to the portal is found on our webpage at

Keep in mind, even though debris burning is now open, conditions are still dry and precautions must be taken to ensure your fire does not escape and spread.

Maintain a 10 foot diameter cleared area around burn piles and always have a hose, bucket, shovel, or other means of extinguishing your fire nearby.

Fires must be constantly attended, and ensure that your fire is completely out prior to walking away.

Drown the fire, stir, and drown again.

Remember, if it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave.


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