▶️ Haystack Reservoir drained to ‘deadpool status’ for dam repair


If you’re thinking about fishing or boating at Haystack Reservoir this fall, you’d better find another body of water.

The reservoir east of Culver was almost completely drained Monday as dam operators draw down the water to make inspections and repairs. The North Irrigation Unit, which operates the dam, says they need to fix the emergency gate which hasn’t been opening and closing properly. All other efforts until now to fix it have failed.

Federal inspectors will be here November 22 to take a look and advise on repairs.

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The North Irrigation Unit says until then, the reservoir will be lowered to what is called “deadpool status.” They tell Central Oregon Daily News they haven’t had to do this for more than 20 years.

After repairs, they’ll let the reservoir refill over the winter. The North Irrigation Unit says it’s not clear when the reservoir might be back to a normal level.


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