DCSO deputy accused of inappropriate comments retires before investigation ends


A Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office deputy under internal investigation retired in February, ending an inquiry into his actions, according to new documents reported on by the Associated Press.

The now former deputy Grant Johnstone was accused of making inappropriate comments.

According to AP, Johnstone worked for DCSO from July 2013 until February. In April 2020, a sheriff’s office employee complained that Johnstone made inappropriate statements.

Johnstone took a leave of absence in June 2020 and retired before the investigation was finished, according to AP.

He is the third DCSO employee to resign or retire while still under investigation since 2016 when Sheriff Shane Nelson took office.

Sgt. Deke Demars was on leave for alleged policy violations when he resigned this April.

And in 2020, deputy Joseph DeLance resigned after facing allegations of misconduct, ending an investigation into the role he played in the serious injury of another student at the state’s basic training academy.

Sgt. Jayson Janes, a spokesperson for Sheriff Nelson, declined to comment about Johnstone.

In an email asking about the retirements and resignations by deputies under investigation, Janes said: “The Sheriff has said before we want people that are in line with our mission and values.”



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