▶️ 1,000 clocks: Sisters clock store ‘dreads’ Daylight Saving Time


It’s that time of year again to change those clocks. Daylight Saving Time goes into effect on Sunday at 2 a.m.

Most of the people we talked to Thursday don’t seem thrilled.

“I do think we should get rid of Daylight Saving Time. Every time we do make the change there’s always that adjustment period,” a Bend woman said.

“It would make things really simple. One time the whole time. No change. Wouldn’t have to change the clocks,” a Bend man said.

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For many, the adjustment period is hard enough. Changing the clocks can be tedious and annoying. Especially when you have to change 1,000 clocks twice a year.

“We get as excited as a restaurant being visited by a health inspector,” Sisters clock maker and owner of Beacham’s Clock Co. Ed Beacham said.

Beacham says he spends at least two days setting his clocks. 

“We just really dread it. We don’t joke about it around here,” Beacham said. 

Getting rid of the tradition has been a topic of conversation at both the state and federal level.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., re-introduced a bill on Thursday that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent.

Oregon would only adopt this legislation if California does the same. Washington state passed similar legislation in 2019. It also depends on whether Congress agrees to amend federal law. 


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